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Europe’s most common battery tester

With batterytester, you bring extra efficiency to your workshop and extra services to your clients. Lack of battery power won't stop your clients from cycling anymore! Compatible with nearly every E-bike battery available, you can effortlessly test the quality of batteries in 3 easy steps and print a report with a push of a button.



Batterytester voor e-bikes

Save time and money in the workshop

The share of e-bikes in the total turnover in the bike industry has been increasing for years. An e-bike however, is a totally different product than a bicycle without electrical drive. A problem which many bicycle dealers experience is the fact that the engineer loses a lot of time in trying to find the malfunction, or in other words the diagnosis. Often a customer receives a borrow e-bike and a lot of communication takes place with the supplier. The entire project costs a lot of time and money which results in a considerable negative pressure on profit.


Without Batterytester engineers start calling their suppliers, they replace different parts in order to come to a diagnosis which in many cases is not correct. Because of this, the consumer has to return to the shop as the problem was not solved the first time. In short: much frustration for both the consumer and the bicycle dealer, bicycle producer and the battery supplier.


In case of exchanging an e-bike, the battery forms an essential part of the total price of the e-bike. In many cases the bicycle dealer does not offer a lot for the e-bike the customer wants to exchange as one does not know the quality of the battery. By making use of the Batterytester the bicycle dealer can offer the customer a fair exchange price.


A bicycle dealer can also make use of the Batterytester in case of deliveries by the supplier. A so-called incoming quality check of the battery. When selling to their customers, bicycle dealers can deliver a printed report stating the quality of the battery and attach this to the e-bike. In addition, in case of service intervals of the e-bike a battery test can be executed. By doing so, the bicycle dealer has a very good tool and can follow the quality of the battery concerned during its life cycle.


Early in the development stage of the Batterytester we focused on user friendlyness. In addition, we had a lot of contact with the e-bike industry and exchanged information of what  the requirements of a good Batterytester are. Based on this we concluded that the main focus of the Batterytester should be to define the battery capacity in a percentage of the original battery capacity. All other features (such as the number of charges etc.) are nice to have and are already offered by bicycle producers in devices by which the BMS (Battery Management System) can be read. The user simply wants to know the quality of the battery. That is why there is Batterytester.



Advantages in a row:


  • User-friendly testing in 3 stages
  • Tests most batteries in the market
  • Integrated printer
  • Dutch quality product
  • Co-developed with one of the biggest e-bike producers
  • Efficiency in the entire chain, from battery producer and e-bike producer to the bicycle dealers.


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Don't let lack of power stop you!

Batterytester voor e-bikes