Batterytester is especially designed to test e-bike batteries and other rechargeable batteries between 6V - 48V (min 3V - max 60V) on capacity. Already before the development of Batterytester a requirement was that everyone should be able to test an (e-bike) battery. A thorough knowledge of batteries is not necesary however we advise everyone who has is involved with the trade in e-bike (batteries) to get knowledge of battery technology.
Testing e-bike batteries gives you many adavantages. If you measure you know! The only way to determine the (e-bike) battery capacity is to test this with a certain load. The Batterytester is programmed that way that this load is varying. Suppliers of software by which the battery capacity can be read out is not possbile. This software only is valid for e.g. giving information about the number of cycli.