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Batterytester Bosch accu aasluiten op Batterytester Testen van een accu met bijgeleverde PC Software Programma Univesele testkabel kassapapier Batterytester USB kabel
Batterytester Bosch accu aasluiten op Batterytester Testen van een accu met bijgeleverde PC Software Programma Univesele testkabel kassapapier Batterytester USB kabel
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Universal Batterytester for the user-friendly testing of e-bike batteries like Led, NiCd, NiMH, Lion between 6V - 48V (min3V - max60V).

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€ 965,00
Including universal test cable (article AT00039), adapter cable (article AT00038) (adapters to be ordered separately), power cable, USB cable, cashier paper (2 reels), Battery PC Software Programme, automatic firmware updates.

Within the delivery of a Batterytester, a universal test cable is included. With this cable already a lot of e-bike batteries can be tested. Most of the times e-bike batteries can be tested with this universal cable if current can be measured. This does not always apply however. Further you have to notice that it is not always possible to attach the crocodile clips of the universal cable to the e-bike battery poles.

That is why we decided to also produce so-called Plug & Play adapters and cables. These can be easily attached to the e-bike battery.

Besides Plug & Play adapters and cables we also develop SMART cables and adapters. These are a MUST in order to be able to test an e-bike battery on capacity. Examples of this are Bosch and Yamaha.

The Adapter cable comes within the delivery of a Batterytester and fits to different types of specific adapters. The adapters itself have to be ordered separately.

The Batterytester PC Programm works with all Windows versions (no Mac). When the Batterytester Software Programme is started and the Batterytester is connected to the PC you can execute Firmware Updates by klicking the Batterytester logo in the Batterytester PC programme.

Batterytester is the most extensive battery tester in the market place today. It can test the widest ranges of battery types like led, Lion, NIMH etc. but also has the widest range in Voltage: min3V - max 60V.

Batterytester automatically detects current. So the operator does not have to set the Voltage of the battery to be tested. A fully charged battery needs to be connected to the Batterytester, 1 press on a buttuon and the automatic programme is started by which the battery is loaded with a varying current. At the end of the test a print from the Batterytester itself can be made or when connected to a PC a test report can be printed on a A4 page.

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EMD GmbH, DE - 13-03-2023 16:51

Schnelle Lieferung und gute Verpackung.
Wird vom Werkstatt-Team gerne genutzt.
Lediglich der Testzyklus könnte schneller laufen, aber das liegt wahrscheinlich auch an den großen E-Bike Akkus

Sport Amstutz AG, Thun - 27-07-2021 07:27

Alles bestens, schnelle Lieferung. Alle dazu bestellten Artikel waren sauber verpackt im Lieferumfang dabei. Gerne Wieder.

SPORT FUCHS AU - 04-05-2021 22:01

Der Batterytester inklusive verschiedener Adapterkabel wurde prompt geliefert und alles funktioniert bestens.
Jetzt können wir sämtliche E-Bike Batterien testen und unseren Kunden einen Mehrwert bieten.

Tech Repair B.V. - 23-03-2021 14:34

snelle levering

MTW Akkutechnik - 17-04-2020 12:10

Gerät und Service sind Super.

H. Derksen - 18-12-2019 17:49

Super apparaat, idd geen training voor nodig. Snel geleverd en kan nu veel verschillende accu’s testen.

Bike totaal Boode - 12-04-2019 11:13

Mooi apparaat , eenvoudige bediening .
Veel keuze qua bekabeling

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