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Besides the fact that Batterytester is the most universal tester, Batterytester is also the most user-friendly tester in the market palce today. Something which is very much valued by our customers. With a klick on the button a battery test is started and by another klick the test report is printed in an easy to understand manner.
Everyone can understand the test report and explain this to its customers. After all the remaning capacity in a percentage is stated.
Knowledge of e-bike battery technology is however recommended. We from Batterytester think that bike shop owners can distinguish themselves by gaining knowledge of e-bike battery technology. For the operation of a Batterytester and the explanation of the test result a training is not needed. Please also see our quick manuals under the header 'Service & Downloads' from which you will see how easy this is.

Flyer from Switzerland who helped us in developing the Batterytester as it is today also put as a requirement that a e-bike battery tester should be as user-friendly as possible. Already in the development stage this was set as a requirement. Other e-bike batterytesters claim also to be user-friendly. Judge yourself! Batterytestet automatically detects the current, has a completely automatic programme and from the Batterytester itself it is possible to print the result. It cannot be easier!

Een training met een Batterytester is dus niet nodig. We hebben het dan over het bedienen van de Batterytester en de uitkomst van de accutest waarin een percentage beschikbare capaciteit wordt weergegeven is ook makkelijk aan de consument uit te leggen. Kennis van accutechniek is toch wel 'handig'. Onze Batterytesters vormen een onderdeel van de cursus e-bike accu techniek die door Innovam / Tweewieler Academie wordt aangeboden.

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